There is an old saying – which you have probably heard – that if you want to get over your fears, you must confront them – I think the mantra was “Alas, the thing I feared the most is upon me!” Then think of ways to counter it, thwart it and overcome it. I wish we could extrapolate that into the general populace right now as far too many are either enthralled by or cowered by the aggressive display of power mongering we are witnessing. That is what talking about and exchanging information about it does – it emboldens us all to not get sucked into the trap of this “reality show” mentality. This isn’t pretend anymore – it is the manifestation of ham handed (little pun there) aggression of the dominionists fueled by religious zeal (to back up their self-righteousness) and threats of raw violence. Thanks for being part of the voice we hope will awaken those who allowed/participated and endorse the pigs taking over the barnyard. Most won’t admit they were wrong but the sad thing is that they are the very people who are going to be affected by it. White Crow ** I should add that this is actually the formula for anxiety. Generalized fears can cause a sense of panic but when you pick one – possibly the worse possible scenario, then you can proceed on exactly what you might want to do IF it ever actually happened. That focus helps with the general malaise of anxiety.


Everything is subject to change..I vaguely recall a comment once that you should not use the Buddha to validate your assumptions because if your assumptions change, what do you do with the Buddha? LIkewise, I (White Crow) will go on record as saying – never use your religion to validate your politics because when your politics fail, what do you do with your religion? I say this because of all the rush to validate our so-called president with various religious annointings. So…..if your politics were wrong, what are you going to do to validate your religious proclamations? Labeling only Republicans as the “chosen” was a pretty risky venture but it was attractive to those who want to use their politics to enforce their religion. They weep and wail about persecution while being the persecutors; they rail about false prophets while endorsing and pandering to those who will endorse their religion. When you point fingers and make imprecatory prayers, your hypocrisy is so transparent that you will fall on your own sword. I can hardly wait!

Connection to others

I am currently being a full time caregiver so through a friend, decided to set up this blog and will post from time to time to just reach out and make connection with others.  As this is my first visit and just setting it up , I will have to figure out how to use it and how to connect to others.  Input is welcome!  Thanks, White Crow

Think Deep: Drilling down on the national need right now to analyze the monsters we have elected to office, there are several theories being bantered about such as egomania, and narcissism, especially when you scrutinize politics in the national theater. I find a more pertinent description described by a German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel as German idealism. Although for this discussion, they will be categorized under psychological needs as well. The basic principal is that of spirit or Thumos (from the Greek for spiritedness) has two sides; megalothymia which refers to the need to be recognized as superior to others, while isothymia is the need to be recognized as merely equal to others. Francis Fukuyama talked about the need for recognition in his book – End of History and the Last Man – (begin excerpt from Wikipedia here) “He relates Socrates’ ideas about Thymos and desire to how people want to be recognized within their government. Problems emerge when other people do not recognize another’s Thymos and therefore do not provide the justice that it requires. In order for people to exist in harmony, he argues, isothymia rather than megalothymia must be used to satisfy the human need for recognition. Any system that creates political inequality is necessarily feeding the megalothymia of some members while denying it to others. Fukuyama explains how Thymos relates to history with the example of anti-communism in relation to the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China. He states, “We cannot understand the totality of the revolutionary phenomenon unless we appreciate the working of thymotic anger and the demand for recognition that accompanied communism’s economic crisis.(end of excerpt) Another part of the premise is that those who are harbor the megalothymic anger are often drawn to politics and religion as a platform for their emotional need for recognition. For this reason, I have grave concerns about Pence – since he stands next in line. He used his religion to get into politics – and I have tried to coin a phrase “Constantine Complex” to describe his very self-righteous demand for recognition for his status with in both. It is probably as dangerous if not more dangerous for him to take over writing national policy as he will implement his religion first to create the long dreamed (nightmare?) of theocracy. If you have studied any history of theocratic rule any time frame, any cultural religion, you should be just as concerned about his ascendency as we are the authoritarian mindset that is taking over the country. So when you watch the sleight of hand of the magician, take notice of what the other hand is doing and the long term intentions of a few over the interests of the many.